A quack by the name of Doctor Wajih Saleem who is working as Pediatrician in Memom Medical Complex a well known hospital located in Husainabad Fedral B Area Karachi, does not possess any PMDC certificate nor registration number. Can check from PM&DC Website




Not long ago, Wajih Saleem was involved in selling fake medicines in interior Sindh where he earned a lot from there. He was apprehended by the police officials while selling these counterfeit medicines. He was released from jail after a while and then he settle down in lower income area at New Karachi, Karachi. He started a clinic there and playing with the lives of people.


Presently, he is working by the name of Doctor Wajih Saleem a child specialist in Memom Medical Complex located in Husainabad Fedral B Area Karachi. He is also involved in selling targeted medicines for pharmaceutical companies where he get handsome amount from them.


I request all the concern person and authorities to kindly take strict action against this quack before lot of lives may occur.


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