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Headaches can hinder a person's quality of life. Around 15% of Australians experience headache at any moment. Head aches may be associated with another underlying disorder. Such as disease, disease or personal injury - they are secondary head pain and are an indicator of the disease. Cervicogenic headaches are also secondary headaches which are the body's a reaction to stress on the structures on...

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Clinic logistics aren't naughty, but they're essential to keep carefully the place humming along during emergencies and reduce problems and other costly issues. Qventus, a startup with a predictive cleverness software program, is signing up for up with one of the major medical center systems in the U.S., Sutter Health, to see if it can expedite Sutter's pharmacy functions and ideally save some mon...

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Vegetables are powerhouses of vitamins and nutrients. If you are eating these as a priority in your diet you are probably on healthier track for better and longer life. What you need to add more is here. Below is the list of some veggies you should pick more next time you go to grocery shopping. Beet Greens Edible green parts of beetroot are rich in vitamin K. Which is considered to lower th...

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For some quacks, breakfast is their favorite meal of the day. For others, taking their substantial as a first thing in the morning sounds like a chore. However, no matter what your preference, it may be beneficial to hit up the kitchen at the beginning of your day. Several studies show that there is a great importance of eating breakfast daily, no matter how busy you are and even if you aren’...

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It is the season of watermelons. The sweet delight has filled the carts of all fruit sellers in town, and we couldn't be happier. Apart from being an extremely hydrating fruit, watermelons pack a number of health benefits. Shilpa Arora, Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Practitioner, shares, 'Watermelons contain lycopene, potassium and a lot of other nutrients. It has fiber that keeps the digest...

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