Poor Posture & Headaches

Poor Posture & Headaches

Headaches can hinder a person's quality of life. Around 15% of Australians experience headache at any moment. Head aches may be associated with another underlying disorder. Such as disease, disease or personal injury - they are secondary head pain and are an indicator of the disease. Cervicogenic headaches are also secondary headaches which are the body's a reaction to stress on the structures on neck of the guitar. These types of headaches likewise have associated neck of the guitar pain. These commonly result from poor posture.

Obviously you can always pop a pill. But these may have area effects or contribute to other health issues if taken long-term. There's a clear link between good posture and the rate of recurrence, severity and duration of headaches. Your head should sit perfectly on top of your neck of the guitar and shoulders. When you have a plumb your hearing, shoulder and hips should be in-line with each other. When these points begin to move away from each other you are adding additional stress on the body and its capacity to operate effectively and efficiently.

A postural deviation seen today is ahead head carriage. This is where your head starts off to push frontward beyond your shoulder blades. It really is thought the increasing time spent working with computer systems may donate to this. As the top moves forward the behaviour of the muscles in the neck and shoulders change. For each inch (2.5 cms) the head moves frontward the weight beared on the muscles of the throat raises by 10 pounds. So in effect your head benefits an extra 4.5kgs!

As a result of the head continue the muscles of the neck of the guitar and upper body become imbalanced. Some muscles become very restricted and stressed while others become very vulnerable.


Your chiropractor would conduct an assessment looking at posture, range of motion, muscle strength and amount of muscles. Also look at muscle activation and have a history of any traumas that may have an effect on the neck of the guitar. X-rays may be taken to examine any degenerative changes to the bony constructions in the neck.

Following diagnosis the chiropractor may perform mild mobilisation of the throat and advise on ways to improve posture. You will also be recommended some exercises or exercises to increase the condition of the muscles of the neck and chest muscles. Ice or high temperature may be recommended depending on specific assessment.

Often people record that good good posture is uncomfortable, but as we begin to retrain the muscles and create a much better balance within the muscle groups it'll feel normal. Bettering posture may not only aid in headaches but your bronchi capacity may increase and digestive function may improve as you are less prone to squashing these essential systems. Call Alive Health insurance and make a scheduling for your position assessment today.
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